Bridging Silicon Valley and Asia Pacific

Diamond Tech Ventures is a venture capital firm with offices in the USA and Hong Kong. It invests Trans-Pacific capital in Silicon Valley based tech companies.

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    Opening the Asian Market for US companies

    Increase revenue and efficiency and lower costs through partnerships with Asian companies and manufacturing.

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    A gateway for Asian and US Companies

    Connect Asian companies to North America by partnership and aquisition.

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    A platform for monetizing, marketing and distributing

    Increasing US companies’ values by connecting them to Asian markets.

Our Portfolio

Our Executive Staff

Henry Wong


Henry Wong has been a prolific and successful venture investor, serial entrepreneur, and Stanford University Mentor in Silicon Valley during the last 35 years.After working for various Fortune 500 companies, Henry channeled his entrepreneurial spirit to go and “change the world.”After working for various Fortune 500 companies, Henry channeled his entrepreneurial spirit to go and “change the world.”
Frustrated with existing sloppy edge technologies, Henry founded, seed-funded, and exited five successful startups, including SS8 Networks (ADC Telecom), IP Communications (Nokia), XaQti Semiconductor (Vitesse), CNet Technology (IPO), and Combinet (Cisco Systems). He is always the founder, chairman, first president, and CEO.
Realizing that “money makes the world go round,” Henry founded Diamond TechVentures, a Trans Pacific Venture Investment firm. In parallel, he was also the venture partner to Guy Kawasaki’s Garage Technology Ventures, and before that, Crystal Ventures.
With the fast growth in Silicon Valley and the ever-changing landscape of technological advancement, a different ecosystem is needed to accommodate growth and accelerate prosperity. To address this, Henry founded TechLAB Innovation Center, where he coined the term, “Find it, Fix it & Fund it.” Pre-qualified startups or companies that Henry continues to start are incubated inside this accelerator under a secured environment. A full-time IP lawyer processes the filing of new patentable technologies on-site.
The Singapore government’s SPRING agency funded Henry’s iStartUP program to train Singapore entrepreneurs. The Hong Kong government honored Henry as one of the “Game Changer” returnees with the Home Coming Tipping Point award. The IT Minister of the Korean government recognizes Henry’s continuous contribution to their Knowledge Innovation Center (KIC), and named him an advisor to South Korea.
Henry holds a Business degree from the University of Utah, an MBA in Telecom Management from Golden Gate University, and is a Mentor in Stanford University. He was a finalist for the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year Award.”

Dr. Robert P. Lee

Hi-tech Entrepreneur, Investor and Professor

Dr. Robery Lee has 25 years of experience with technology in the Silicon Valley. He has extensive knowlege in enterprise software, most notable with SaaS applications. He has been CEO 5 times and was the EVP of Symantec early in his career. He is also the chairman of the AAMA nonprofit, and a professor at CUHK.

“Luck is the residue of hard work.”

Henry Wong

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