Dr. Robert P Lee

Dr. Robert P. Lee

Dr. Lee is a 35-year pioneer of the high-tech industry, spending the first half of his career managing large organizations in Fortune 100 companies, and the second half as a serial entrepreneur. During this time, he conducted business globally, and in the last 15 years, he was heavily involved with running businesses in China. Since 2010, he is also Adjunct Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School where he also serves as an Advisory Board Member of the CUHK Center for Entrepreneurship. Until late 2012 (when the company was acquired), he was Executive Chairman of Achievo Corporation (one of the largest China IT services companies). He co-founded Achievo in early 2002 and served as its Chairman and CEO until December 2008, when the company reached over 2500 people in size, more than 2000 of whom were in China. From 2002 to 2007, he was also CEO of Accela, Inc. (board member from 1999-2013) and led that company to become a dominant government enterprise software firm in the US. Until November 2001, he was president & CEO of Inxight Software, a Xerox-PARC spinout that tripled in revenues and raised venture funding under his leadership (now part of SAP). Before Inxight, he was chairman, CEO and president of Insignia Solutions, a software company he took public on NASDAQ in 1995. Previously, he was executive vice president of Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC - software), where among many achievements including rapid growth, he acquired and integrated 6 companies, including Norton Computing, which became a legendary M&A success story in the Silicon Valley. Dr. Lee was senior vice president of Shared Medical Systems (since acquired by Siemens) and was at IBM for 11 years (responsible for its office systems software, healthcare industry software, overall software engineering and various systems/communications software) and Computer Sciences Corporation for many years. Dr. Lee is currently on the board of Osel, Inc., a biopharmaceutical startup, and was previously on the boards of S3, Inc. (NASDAQ: SIII - semiconductor) and SONICblue (NASDAQ: SBLU - digital media devices). He also serves as advisor to various Western and Chinese companies and investment funds, besides being a venture partner, limited partner and angel investor himself.

Dr. Lee participates in high-tech developments all over the world. During Mr. CH Tung's first official visit to the Silicon Valley as Hong Kong Chief Executive in June 1999, Dr. Lee was the co-host and speaker at a luncheon in Mr. Tung's honor. At Insignia Solutions, Dr. Lee hosted a luncheon for HM Queen Elizabeth II who paid an extended visit to his company's offices in the UK after the company won multiple Queen's Awards. In 1996, Dr. Lee was invited to the Philippines to meet President Ramos and other top leaders to help formulate a high-tech initiative for that country. His business and professional activities in China have put him in frequent contact with senior government officials there. Dr. Lee has met with many heads-of-state and senior government officials during their visits to the Silicon Valley, particularly those from Asia/China.

As a result of his active professional and community activities, including serving as the Global Chairman of the Board of Trustee of the AAMA (Asia America MultiTechnology Association), Chairman of the AAMA Pearl River Delta Chapter, former vice chairman of HYSTA’s China Global Services Alliance, former board member of Monte Jade Science and Technology Association (West Coast) and Asia Society President’s Circle, Dr. Lee is well known to the Silicon Valley and Asian media. He was featured in several books on Chinese-American successful entrepreneurs, and appeared frequently in print, web, radio and TV media globally. Dr. Lee is an accomplished public speaker.

Dr. Lee grew up in Hong Kong. He holds Ph.D. and MS degrees from UCLA, and a BA from UC Berkeley, all in computer science. He resides in the Silicon Valley. Dr. Lee is fluent in English and Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin).

李本能博士是一位有35年全球高科技经验的先锋,对国际国内市场有着深厚的认识。他事业的上半期在全球100强高科技企业内管理大型机构,下半期是一位多次成功的企业家。他现在也是香港中文大学商学院的教授(客座教授2014-现在;创业实践教授 2010-2014);他还是香港中文大学创业研究中心咨询委员会。直到2012年底 (大展公司被收购前),他是大展集团(中国最大的IT服务公司之一)的执行主席。李博士2002年初共同创办大展, 并担任其董事长兼首席执行官直到2008年底。该公司规模超过2500人,约2000人是在中国。在2002-2005年,他还是Accela软件公司的首席执行官(并任1999-2013年董事会董事),并领导该公司成为美国的领先电子政务软件公司。直到2001年底他是Inxight软件公司CEO。Inxight是施乐公司–PARC (帕洛阿尔托研究中心)的分拆公司(现在是SAP的分公司)。在他的领导下该公司收入迅速增长三倍,并成功收到风险投资。Inxight公司之前,他是Insignia Solutions董事长兼首席执行官,1995年他带该软件公司在美国纳斯达克(NASDAQ)上市。在此之前,他在赛门铁克(Symantec)软件公司任执行副总裁(NASDAQ:SYMC - 软件),除了令该公司业务迅速增长,他的成就包括收购和整合6家公司,其中有收购诺顿(Norton)电脑公司的硅谷传奇成功故事。李博士是SMS医疗系统公司高级副总裁(之后被西门子公司收购),也在IBM 11年(办公系统软件,医疗行业软件,整个软件工程和各系统/通讯软件负责人)和在CSC软件公司多年。李博士目前在Osel公司(生物制药)当董事,并以前在S3公司(NASDAQ:SIII - 半导体)和SONICblue(NASDAQ:SBLU - 数字媒体装置)当董事。他现在还为多家中国和美国的公司和投资基金当顾问, 本人也是一个风险投资合伙人,有限合伙人以及天使投资者。

李博士积极地参与世界各地的高科技发展。在香港行政长官董建华先生1999年6月的第一次官式访问硅谷,李博士协办午宴和在午宴演讲。在Insignia Solutions公司,李博士宴请了英国女王伊丽莎白二世陛下在英国深入参观他的公司,此前该公司多次获得女王奖。 1996年,李博士应邀到菲律宾拜访拉莫斯总统和他的高级官员,及帮助该国制定了高科技的计策。他在中国的业务和专业活动频繁的接触政府高级官员。李博士曾会晤许多访问硅谷的国家元首和政府高官,尤其是来自亚洲及中国的领导。

由于他活跃于专业和社区活动,包括作为AAMA(亚美多科技协会)受托董事长,亚杰商会 珠三角分会 主席, 前任HYSTA(华源科技協会)的中国全球服务联盟副主席,前任美西玉山科技協会董事,硅谷和亚洲媒体经常报道李博士的新闻。他也多次出现于介绍美国成功企业家的书籍,并频繁出现在报刊,网页,电台和电视媒体。李博士是一位著名的演说家。